Financial donations

As a not-for-profit statutory authority, every donation is valuable. We rely on the support of financial donations to raise funds for our current programs and museums. Your donation goes towards supporting the preservation of South Australia’s rich and evolving history.

Your tax deductible donation could assist our community engagement programs, or support research and the preservation of treasures from the State’s History Collection. We invite your help to give our past a future to ensure that future generations can experience and value South Australia’s rich history.

You can make the choice of donating to the History Trust, to one of our three Museums or to our brand new initiative with Wakefield Press, the leading Adelaide based independent publishing company.

The History Trust of South Australia – Wakefield Press History Initiative

The History Trust of South Australia – Wakefield Press History Initiative has been established to assist the publishing of South Australian History.

Through this initiative, private citizens can make tax-deductible donations to support specifically approved history publishing projects planned by Wakefield Press Pty Ltd. Donations of any amount (minus a 3% transaction fee) will be remitted to Wakefield Press for the approved project. (Deductible donations cannot be made to a specific project by that project’s author/s or immediate family where the author/s receive a financial benefit from the publication).

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Making a bequest is another way to donate an item to the State History Collection. If you are considering drafting a will which includes a bequest to the History Trust or one of our museums, please contact us first to discuss the item/s, process and legal requirements involved.

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