Vision and Mission

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Vision, Mission, Values & Objectives

Our Vision
To inspire generations in the present through creative engagement with the past.

Our Mission

  • to present vibrant programs that encourage people to discover, explore and share their identities and cultures.
  • to research and preserve South Australian history and project it to the world. 

Our Values
The History Trust of South Australia is committed to community value. This means that we value:

  • innovation, excellence and creativity
  • diversity, inclusiveness and accessibility 
  • integrity, respect and collaboration  
  • accountability, sustainability, enterprise and resourcefulness 

Our Objectives

  • present imaginative, innovative and inclusive programs that enlighten, involve, inspire and entertain 
  • grow and preserve the State History Collection on behalf of the people of South Australia  
  • seek active partnerships to present and preserve diverse and regional histories and collections  
  • foster quality research in South Australian history that is challenging, independent and inclusive  
  • manage and extend resources in an equitable, sustainable and entrepreneurial manner.