Vision and Mission

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Vision, Mission, Values & Objectives

To be a leading historical and museum organisation that inspires, educates and entertains.


  • To present history in a way that inspires exploration, discovery, exchange and understanding
  • To research and preserve South Australia’s history for future generations.

Core Values
We are committed to:

  • Excellence in historical research and interpretation 
  • Preserving and interpreting South Australia’s material culture 
  • Nurturing community historical endeavour 
  • Inclusiveness in program development 
  • Fostering ideas and encouraging diverse perceptions 
  • Valuing Reconciliation and cultural diversity 
  • Equity, probity and efficiency in management 
  • Best practice collections management 
  • Providing a safe and enriching environment for staff and visitors 
  • Excellence in customer service 
  • Respecting the contribution of volunteers 


  • Enhancing understanding of South Australian history through public programs, the media and research 
  • Encouraging the practice of South Australian history throughout the community 
  • Promoting the significance of South Australian history to Government and the community 
  • Encouraging engagement with and enjoyment of South Australian history 
  • Presenting a diversity of perspectives on the past through public programs and publications 
  • Ensuring that public programs reflect the diversity of community histories over time 
  • Fostering research in South Australian history through our own programs and by assisting others 
  • Managing and promoting our three museums and working towards others as appropriate 
  • Managing the State History Collection 
  • Presenting inclusive programs 
  • Ensuring the preservation of a representative sample of the State’s material heritage 
  • Managing a community history program for community practitioners 
  • Managing the Museums Accreditation and Grants Program and South Australian History Fund 
  • Encouraging sustainable community history programs through networks of regional historical groups, the South Australian Tourism Commission and Local Government 
  • Managing our resources effectively and efficiently 
  • Promoting collaborative partnerships within History SA and with other organisations, both State and National 
  • Maximising financial resources through the vigorous pursuit of both internal and external funding opportunities 
  • Ensuring a safe and enriching work environment for our staff 
  • Ensuring a strong culture of customer service throughout the organisation.