History from the Heart

Annie Payne

Personal historian and life story writer.

History from the Heart exists to help people turn their memories into unforgettable life stories.

My clients want more than a family tree with names and dates. They want to know the real stories of their grandparents and parents; why life changing decisions were taken and how the family survived the bad times as well as the good.  They do not want to have to do it in 20 or 30 years’ time when their children ask them about their grandparents’ lives and the family history.

I have been interviewing Australians about their life stories since 1988 and turning the manuscript into a beautiful, coloured bespoke book, lavishly illustrated with the narrator’s own photographs. These books become family heirlooms to pass on to future family generations.

Albox Australia Pty Ltd

ALBOX was established in 1989.  It is Australian owned and operated.  It is a product development company specialising in the design of leading edge products for records management – office, archival and photographic.

ALBOX uses polypropylene, either film, sheet, moulded or extruded in most of its products.

The ALBOX design program is to use environmentally friendly contemporary materials to replace both PVC and paperboard in stationery applications.

ALBOX designs and manufactures in house plus outsources a small amount of production to approved manufacturers in Australia and China. This enables the appropriate supply source to be chosen to meet optimum price and performance standards requested by customers.

Kevin Jones

I offer consultancy services focused on community museums and historical societies.

  • I provide significance assessments and advice on all aspects of museum management from developing collections to engaging audiences.
  • I produce exhibitions and tours, deliver historical research and write for publications, films, and digital platforms.
  • I can deliver completed projects including exhibitions, tours or films. Alternatively, I can work with your staff or volunteers and lead you through the process to help develop skills within your museum.

My clients include community archives and local museums as well as national organisations such as the CSIRO and the Commonwealth Office of the Arts.

My consultancy services are based on a career delivering outcomes in museums and I focus on advice with practical application.

I spent 25 years working in state and national museums. I was Director of the South Australian Maritime Museum and a foundation curator at the Australian National Maritime Museum. I was President of the Australian Maritime Museums Council and led that association in providing support for regional museums.
I produced national and international touring exhibitions including a series of exhibitions that toured regional Australia. My exhibitions have been the centrepiece of events including the Olympic Arts Festival and have won national awards. I have been honoured with the Republic of France’s award Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres (Knight of Arts and Letters) for services to the arts and cultural relations.

Archival Survival

Providing archival quality storage products for long-term preservation.

A motivated team of professionals, dedicated to providing high quality preservation materials to museums, galleries, libraries and archives. We provide archival quality storage products and services to organisations responsible for the management and care of permanent collections.

We can assess and supply all of your archival packaging needs, with budgetary, space and staffing constraints in mind.

Our strengths are our ability to source the highest quality archival materials in large volumes, allowing us to keep prices as low as possible, as well as our extensive experience working with major historical and art collections throughout Australia.

We’re an Australian-owned company, with over 90% of our range being made or sourced right here in Australia.

Significance International

Significance International was established late in 2010 to help Collecting organisations approach their cultural and scientific collections in different ways, and plan for their long-term sustainability.

Whether items are historical or contemporary, we can assist by assessing for significance and/or preservation needs. These techniques enable more accurate descriptions of collections, and help organisations work towards targeted collection development.

Veronica Bullock and Roslyn Russell have deep backgrounds in cultural heritage within Australia, and increasingly overseas. The pair straddle the fields of history, curation, management, education, and materials conservation, and are knowledgeable about collecting organisations – of any type, from local to national.

Together with carefully selected associates we also provide specialist risk management and archives advice; develop ‘sustainability indicators’; facilitate ‘collections mapping’ for collecting organisations as well as considering your specific cultural heritage research questions.

Artlab Australia

Artlab Australia is a recognised leader in the conservation of cultural collections with a national and international reputation for excellence.

A South Australian government agency, we provide expert services for the preservation, care and management of the state’s cultural collections. We work principally for and in partnership with the major collecting institutions and, additionally, we support collections in community hands – regionally, nationally and internationally, on a fee-for-service basis.

Our skilled and professional conservators undertake stabilisation, repair and restoration of a huge variety of artefacts. These range from major artworks and ethnographic and historic artefacts, to archival documents and records, large technology items and outdoor monuments.

In addition to complex and delicate practical treatments, our services include disaster preparedness planning, environmental management of display and storage conditions in order to prevent deterioration, and research and analysis that contributes to both the development of conservation practice and to a greater knowledge and understanding of cultural artefacts and works of art.

We offer preventive conservation for collections, training of conservators through internships, conservation capacity building projects overseas, and education and advisory services to support communities in the preservation of their cultural heritage.

Zetta Florence

Archival materials and advice for home users, corporations, framers, photographers & professional service providers. Great range of Quality products at very competitive prices.