Video conferencing

Our video-conferencing programs are interactive sessions during which students work collaboratively with a presenter to interpret historical sources and construct an historical narrative around topics closely aligned to the Australian Curriculum: history.

Bound for South Australia

Bound for South Australia explores what it was like for the people on board the first nine ships to sail from England to South Australia in 1836. In a 45-minute interactive session, students will discover what it was like for those on board, and learn about their first impressions of South Australia.

Know the ropes

Know the ropes provides students with an overview of the conditions on board in the age of sail. This interactive videoconferencing session explores life above and below the deck on an immigrant ship, encouraging students to think about the motivations for migration and the different experiences of those on board.

All the History Trust videoconferencing sessions are accompanied by curriculum-linked activities that can be completed in the classroom before and after sessions.

For further details on video conferencing please contact us